Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday, December 5, 2016

Spoiler Story Snippet

Going??  Finally?!?!!!  Barek could not contain himself.  The moment he had dreamt about for years was finally here.
"Yes, sir." Barek nodded heartily.  He gathered his things and started for the door with Nyaz where the baker and Sir Randell were conversing.  They got out the door and suddenly it came to Barek that he was leaving; for good.  No more playtime with Rowena, no more fireside story times, no more bread leftovers for teaching Nyaz tricks.  He turned and looked back at the doorway.  The baker had Rowena at his side with his hand on her shoulder.  She had been crying, Barek thought.  And she looked like the world was ending.  He sighed and set down his travel bag.  He first went to the baker.  They shook hands and then the baker did something queer.  He pulled Barek closer to him so as to whisper in his ear.  "Here is something for later." He rasped as he plunged a scrap of parchment into Barek's hand.  "I'll miss you boy."  
"I'll miss you too."  Barek put the scrap of paper in a fold of his tunic for later, then knelt next to Rowena and looked into her face.  Barek wiped a tear from her cheek. "It's ok, Rena.  I'll come back.  I promise."  She seemed to be softening.  She suddenly threw her arms around Berek's neck.  
"I love you, Barek." She whispered as she squeezed him.  Barek was taken aback, but then put his arms around her also.  
"I love you too."  Barek had never really cried since he was a baby, but he found tears running down his face.  Then, he let go of Rowena, took a deep breath, and mounted the horse Sir Randell was holding for him.  Nyaz took his place on the right side of Barek's horse as Sir Randell mounted his horse.  
"And we're off!  Thank you all!" Sir Randell tipped his hand to the Baker, chirruped to his horse and it trotted down the road.  Barek spurred his horse also and let out a faint "goodbye".  He didn't dare look back.  The baker would be rubbing his hands together and getting back to work.  But Rowena, with her tear-stained face, would look after him until he was but a speck on the horizon.  

I can't believe I just did that 😳😱  You're welcome people, I hope you enjoyed it.  
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