Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Get to Know Me Tag

Yes, I've been tagged for this a long time ago, and yes, I have no real excuse.  Sorry, people.  But here we are:

Vital Stats

Name: Ellen Grace Vogltanz

Nickname: Ok, funny story time: when I was adopted from China my parents were going to call me Ellie.  Well, that never stuck.  So, to make a short story shorter, I'm never called Ellie.  Anyways, my real nicknames are Yellin' Ellen, Ellen Ellen Watermelon, Romance Queen, Hashtag Queen, Drama Queen.....need I say more?? 

Birthday: October 30, 2001 

Star Sign: Huh??  Ok-- if it's like your signature 'thing' than emojis, hashtags, and exclamation points 

Occupation: Violin Teacher, Babysitter, Best Younger Sister, Future Life Coach......

Hair Color: Black with brown highlights

Hair Length: I just got it cut so not as long as it was.....which was kinda

Eye Color: Black

Best Feature: LOL idk.......I'd like to say my eyelashes 'cause that just sounds elegant, but as nobody thinks I have them (I DO BTW) I'd have to say my facial expressions.  People tell me I have the best.....#thisisme

Braces: I had them, but sadly, no more.  I loved them.....#bracesforthewin

Piercings: No, never have, never will

Tattoos: DEFINITELY not

Righty or lefty: Righty but I am working on my ambidextrous ability


Best Friend: My sister

Award: My graduation from Kindergarten certificate

Sport: Soccer (Let me tell you, it was NOT fun) #notathletic

Real Holiday: Halloween.  Seriously, how could I help it, being born the day before you know......

Concert: Piano-December 2009


Movie: Zootopia, but I think my new favorite will be the new Beauty and the Beast!!!!!!!!!!  BTW, here's the new trailer that I am just going CRAZY over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  #disneyprincessmoviefanatic 

Color: ORANGE if you couldn't tell

Song: Can't pick......I love to sing y'all, and it's HARD to pick favs....... #singingismylife

Shop: Little Scandinavia or Parables 

Books: Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't pick.  I love kids books y'all......... #bookworm

Shoes: My debate high heels, my leather boots, and then also going barefoot 

(Like, right now, or this year??  Ok, I'll just go with today.) 

Feelings: Pretty good, got most of my school done (WOOT WOOT) and enjoyed the weather outside

Single Or Taken: Taken.  JK, I just did that for y'all's reactions 😋 #mean

Eating: I ate taco soup for dinner, and then had fruit snacks and then chocolate covered almonds.  I'm a snacker y'all #foodie

Thinking About: My life, school, getting out of bed tomorrow morning before 8, answering this question.....

Watching: I'm actually in the middle of a hallmark mystery with my grandma that we started watching like a month ago and I really want to see the end......also in the middle of When Calls the Heart season 4!!!! 

Wearing: shorts, T-shirt, ankle socks 


Want Children: Sure

Want To Be Married: Sure

Careers In Mind: Life Coach, nanny, speech coach, self-publisher 

Where You Want To Live: Uhhh......wherever God wants me......but I always thought it'd be cool to live in Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand (No, not at the same time) 
Do You Believe In

God: Yes, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit 

Miracles: Oh yeah

Love At First Sight: YES #totally

Ghosts: No, but my imagination is pretty flamboyant #jk

Aliens: Those little green guys from outer space??  Yeah, no #exceptinstarwars

Soul Mates: Yes #sototally 

Heaven: Most definitely 

Hell: Yup, that too

Kissing On The First Date: It's ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE in movies but no, I don't want to do it #gross 

Yourself: Yes, taking to heart the words of Judy Hopps:

Ok, guys.  That was fun.  Thanks for tagging me, girls!!!  Loved it!!!!  Let me know what you think, and if you want a story snippet!!! ↴⬇