Wednesday, September 17, 2014


 Did I mention that I rode a camel...named C.J....!  
Or that the Creation Museum has the BEST ice cream ever? 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Vacation part two: Illinois

The second part of our vacation was in Illinois where my mom's family is from.  We got to mom's cousin's house (where we stayed) Friday night.  Saturday morning we went to see my grandpa's brother Uncle Richard and his wife Aunt Arlene at the hotel they were staying at.
 Me and Uncle Richard.
  Saturday afternoon we spent at the lake.  Hannah and I got to go tubing!  We hadn't tubed before so it was super fun!
Sunday, we went to Church and then to Aunt Sharon's and Uncle Mack's for lunch.
 Mini photo shoot:
 Someone's on the other side of the camera! 

Sunday night we had a bonfire at my Cousin Renee's house.  

It was like a fairy wonderland!  
 Monday Morning photo shoot:

 Bailey on the porch!

 We both agreed that these trees looked a little like "The Sound of Music."  Don't you agree? 
Tominica on the tractor seat! 
 Monday afternoon we went on a hike through the woods! 
 A fairy ring!  
Monday evening we had a picnic at a park.  
Tuesday we went home.  
We had a great vacation! 
Note: All picture credit to Hannah! 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Vacation part one: The Creation Museum

Our trip was great! 
We left Tuesday afternoon and stayed the night in Columbia.  
    We ate dinner at Chipotle...
The next day we drove all the way to Florence Kentucky. 
We drove by the St. Louis Arch!
    Our hotel was fun to stay in! 

     We went to the Museum Thursday and Friday. 
     This is the fossil display that you see when you walk in. 
    This is the waterfall you see when you come in. 
    The seven C's of history, 
     A chameleon,
     The first exhibit in the main Museum: Excavating a fossil.

    Fossilized dinosaur eggs.
    The third exhibit.
    Isaiah, Paul, and David
     John and Peter at the empty tomb, 
   Walk through Creation:

    The garden of Eden,
     Naming of the animals, 
    Walking with God in the garden, 
     There IS and answer to the sin problem...
     Sin, having to kill and sacrifice, 
    Animals killing other animals, 
    All of the things that occoured because if sin, 
     Cain killing Abel, 
    Working on the ark, 

     The flood: 

    Everyone in the ark, 
     Mt. Ararat,

    The tower of Bable, 
    Noah's Cafe! 
    The Zip line!  (We didn't ride it) 
    Now, here are pictures of the Botanical Gardens: 

    We didn't get to go through all the Gardens but the parts we saw were beautiful!
    The Petting Zoo!

    Our last picture.  
   We had so much fun at the Creation Museum!  I would encourage you to go some year and see the life-size Noah's Ark that they are building!