Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Life Lately....

Fun times with these gals!!!
2017 NCAA Men's CWS is underway in Omaha!!!
These kids. 😝 #love
Getting pictures with mascots....

More CWS!!!!!

If y'all haven't read this book, put it on your TBR list.  It's personally one of my favorites!!!  It's super good, kind of scary (preview for young readers) and definitely heart-wrenching!!!!  (if you're a dog lover) but definitely worth the read!!!

Shakespeare on the Green with these beauties!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

2017 NCFCA National Championship, St. Paul, MN

Ok so just a disclaimer, this will be a typical 'Ellen' post: unorganized, random, completely un-coherent, and a picture overload.  So, congrats if you get to the end!!!!!  (I just know you're saying 'Challenge accepted') 😉
Without further ado, here we go!!!

The drive there was ok.  It was a BEAUTIFUL drive but it rained pretty much the whole time.  Great time to catch up on sleep!!!! 😆😝

These are from the opening social/hangout time.  Northwestern's campus is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Mornings are NOT my friend......😳
There are some BEAUTIFUL and old buildings on the Northwestern campus!!!
OPENING CEREMONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE FOOD.  Let me tell you, the food was AMAZING.
It was worth the long line......
Late night selfies......😜
Watching debates......
Crowded rooms......
GUYS!!!!!!!  I bungee jumped for the first time!!!!!!  Northwestern put on a carnival for everyone who came for the tournament!!!!  IT WAS SOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!  
This game.........😍
Y'all should have been there.  (Photo Credit: Rafael Riojas)
Waiting in the hallways.....
Let's go Region 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love my club.
(previous 4 photos: Trisha Batchelor)
Friend time!!!!!
The BEAUTIFULLY arranged trophies.  Like, SO MUCH GORGEOUSNESS.
Enjoying some new perspectives.....
Sister time.

Congrats, all, for finishing the post!!!!  Hope y'all caught a glimpse of how fun my week in Minnesota was!!!!!