Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Vacation part two: Illinois

The second part of our vacation was in Illinois where my mom's family is from.  We got to mom's cousin's house (where we stayed) Friday night.  Saturday morning we went to see my grandpa's brother Uncle Richard and his wife Aunt Arlene at the hotel they were staying at.
 Me and Uncle Richard.
  Saturday afternoon we spent at the lake.  Hannah and I got to go tubing!  We hadn't tubed before so it was super fun!
Sunday, we went to Church and then to Aunt Sharon's and Uncle Mack's for lunch.
 Mini photo shoot:
 Someone's on the other side of the camera! 

Sunday night we had a bonfire at my Cousin Renee's house.  

It was like a fairy wonderland!  
 Monday Morning photo shoot:

 Bailey on the porch!

 We both agreed that these trees looked a little like "The Sound of Music."  Don't you agree? 
Tominica on the tractor seat! 
 Monday afternoon we went on a hike through the woods! 
 A fairy ring!  
Monday evening we had a picnic at a park.  
Tuesday we went home.  
We had a great vacation! 
Note: All picture credit to Hannah! 


  1. LOVE the black and white pic of you in the tree, it's great! -Savannah