Sunday, February 1, 2015


I am so excited that it snowed!!!!  Today I played in the snow with Ginger, our dog.  
There is a bush in our backyard with its branches all bent over with an opening just big enough for someone to crawl through.  So....
Into the hole I crawled!  There is enough room to turn around and you could lie down inside if you wanted to!! 
Ginger decided to drop in for a visit....
But didn't stay long. :-)
"Let me in, please!"
She went in but I stayed out.  I didn't stay out for very long though.  It was pretty cold!
Ginger and I had a great time in the snow! 😊 🐶 ❄️


  1. Ooh, fun!! Our neighbors have a tree that bends over into our yard, kinda like your bush. The hole is tall enough to stand in, and it looks like a magical winter land in there! I'm remembering that from last year though, we haven't gone out in the snow yet.
    When my eyes quickly looked at the picture of Ginger, I thought she was a deer :-).
    What's your fav thing to do in the snow? ~Savannah

    1. Hi Savannah!
      I did make a couple snow angels, but I had trouble standing up without wrecking them. :-)
      Yes, when Ginger runs fast (which is usually all the time), she looks like a deer.

    2. Wow! That bush looks really cool! we once had a little hole in our lilac bush in the backyard that was big enough to walk through, and on a different side there was a hole big enough to walk out! we would all take turns walking through the bush, and when I think of that now, it actually seems kinda strange..... :-) ~Sky

  2. Ellen,
    That reminds me of winters in Illinois when I was little. We made snow forts but never stayed in them for long. Just too cold. Sharon and I had fun building them. Ginger looks like she is cold even with her coat on. Poor baby! Thanks for sharing your snow adventures with us. Love you, Grandma and Grandpa